Most Amazing International Borders From Around The World

Borders exist for the sake of existing. To demarcate the boundaries and for division, however, not all borders are the same; while some may be boring, the others are breath-taking. What follows is a list of borders between various countries and the amazing stories that they tell.

14. India – Pakistan



The bright orange light that you’re looking at is the disputed border that exists between the two countries. It has a total length of 2008km and is visible from outer space. In fact, at times even clouds pick sides on this particular border.

13. Former East-West Germany


The former border that existed between the two Germanies shot straight through Berlin. Upon division of the city, sodium bulbs were deployed for lighting up the streets in East Berlin. West Berlin made use of halide bulbs. The difference can still be seen today.

12. Turkey – Armenia


This particular river creates one of the hotter borders of the world.

11. Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana – the world’s only quadripoint


This particular border is quite amazing since it is the only border that demarcates boundaries between four countries. While it is all amazing and stuff, it creates more problems than it solves actually.

10. China – Nepal (Mount Everest)


So, did you know that the summit of Mount Everest – the highest point on Earth – is a border? Yes, the international border between Nepal and China actually runs through the summit point. There are many borders that feature mountains, but they exist on much low-altitude mountains.

9. Poland – Ukraine


This border is decorated with some fish for the annual Land Art Festival.

8. Slovakia – Austria – Hungary


This triangular table is a three-way border! Yes, three countries share this border, isn’t it amazing?

7. Brazil – Argentina


The wonderful Iguazú waterfalls form the natural border between Argentina and Brazil.

6. Venezuela – Brazil – Guyana, Mount Roraima


Mount Roraima folks! The border between three countries!

5. North Korea – South Korea


Here is one of the most guarded and tensed border for obvious reasons.

4. Norway – Sweden


This one is a rather laid back border with a tree-line cut to mark the border line. This cut is actually used by folks for riding a snowmobile in winter.

3. Belgium – The Netherlands


This particular border is an example of how the borders should be – no border control and no worries about which country you’re in. It has white crosses to mark the border, but no one really cares.

2. Haiti – Dominican Republic



The deforestation policies of Haiti (left) and the Dominican Republic (right) are quite visibly different.

1. Mexico – United States


Probably the most-crossed border in the world with 350 million legal crossings per year. The border is over 2,000km in length and features varying terrain from both countries along its length.