Morgellon’s Victim Has Pristine Microscope Footage of ‘Black Fibers Emerging From Skin’

William Windsor is a man from Liverpool, England who is afflicted with what we call Morgellon’s Disease.

He has uploaded several videos to YouTube, of black things coming out of his skin (all over his body), of what the black material looks like under the microscope, and other aspects of his strange condition.

In one video, he provides excellent visual evidence of black things coming out of his hands.

In another video, he proceeded to put the black material under a microscope, resulting in some of the best footage perhaps available on the internet about what this stuff is. The microscope footage clearly shows that these are black balls of fiber, although what that means is completely unclear.
A video he uploaded this week explores even more microscope footage.
Victims of Morgellon’s have spoken about self replicating fibers for years.

Despite all of these people who can provide video evidence of fibers coming out of their skin, despite them putting it under microscopes to show exactly how unusual it looks, they are ridiculed and ignored.

Many people suspect Morgellon’s is some kind of biowarfare agent, or man-made weapon.

As people have been afflicted with the disease after being exposed to heavy chemtrail spraying, many suspect it has something to do with that.

Alternatively, William’s Twitter explains that he used to be in the Royal Air Force: maybe he was exposed to something in the military?

Knowing that researchers at places like Israel Institute of Technology are writing papers about encapsulating bacteria and viruses in electrospun nanofibers, or knowing that academics and government are openly calling for the skies to be sprayed to “combat global warming,” it appears we’re on the precipice of an avalanche of complicated, potentially dangerous technologies.

It would be wise to anticipate this technology and prepare for all the possibilities with mindfulness, reserve, and astute daily observation of our surroundings.

To understand the probability of such a thing being a threat, first we must know the history of biowarfare, mad science, experiments on citizens and the like: so research away. All the information one could want is at our fingertips.