Monster Alligator Stuns Onlookers During Casual Stroll in Florida

posted by Eddie

Sensational footage has emerged of a monster 12 foot alligator making its way across marshlands at a protected area in Florida, as amazed onlookers capture a glimpse of the massive reptile.

The gator, nicknamed ‘Humpback’ on account of its large curved back, is seen slowly stepping across a clearing at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland in the Sunshine State. 
“I love Circle B. Nature at its best,” said Kim Joines who posted the video to Facebook after her rare sighting of ‘Humpback’ on a recent visit to the reserve.


Speaking to an impressed WKMG, Joiner confirmed the video was real. She estimated ‘Humpback’ to be at least 12ft (3.7 meters) long and described the weight simply as “Huge!”
Lakeland Police Department posted the video to Facebook with the caption “Who Says Dinosaurs Are Extinct?”
Florida is no stranger to large reptiles. Last year an even bigger alligator was seen strolling across a golf course in Palmetto.

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