Mom Tells Them To Smile and Say Cheese. Now Watch The Dog Make The Most Hysterical Face

Dogs are awesome and if you’ve ever shared your heart and home with one, then you know how they make life better for everyone. Many of our fondest childhood memories involve playing with dogs and going on fun filled adventures with them. It’s no wonder that in the war between cats and dogs, more people would choose the dog’s side. Cat people may not agree with this, but according to an AP poll, more Americans like dogs than cats!

Even though cats and dogs are equally adorable in many of our opinions, it’s easy to see why dogs are so beloved. They’re naturally friendly, outgoing, and always seem to look like they’re having the best time ever! The adorable Border Collie in this clip is no exception to this and the look he gives the camera shows just how clever and sweet he really is.

The dog was standing by his baby sisters side while her mother was trying to snap a picture of the adorable twosome. As the mom recorded them she tells them to smile really big and say cheese for the camera, to which the adorable little girl obliged by giving her the biggest smile she could muster up. Meanwhile, the Collie looked like he was getting really excited, it’s almost as if he was preparing to do something big for the camera. His mom must have noticed this too and known what was coming because she asked him “You gonna smile too?” Seconds later the dog’s face transformed into a 1,000 watt smile that stretched fully across his head. It’s definitely one of the biggest, broadest, toothiest grins I’ve ever seen!

This is one smart dog who knows how to work a camera. The expression on his face is just too cute for words. The fact that he’s able to pick up on the word smile and break out into such a huge grin proves just how clever and quick he is. With a smile like that, you can’t help but love this dog! For an instant mood boost be sure to check out his happy grin in the clip. Watching it will put a similar, cheesy-type of grin on your face, because you can’t help but smile when you see his!

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