Mom On Welfare Makes $60K A Year From The Government, Has Another Request For Taxpayers

A mother of 11, who is pregnant with her 12th child and currently makes nearly $60,000 per year on government benefits, is reportedly asking the British National Health Service (NHS) to pay for a $3,900 Cesarean section because she says she is “too posh to push.”

According to The Mirror, Cheryl Prudham, 32, says she is tired of giving birth naturally. She has done so nine times; her last two children, twins, were delivered via C-section.

The NHS will pay for Prudham’s C-section, even though it will cost $2,400 more than a natural birth.

Prudham admits to being addicted to having babies and wants to have more, but she just does not want to do it “naturally” any longer.

“I had to have a C-section with my twins, it was a better ­experience and I didn’t have to suffer any of the pain,” Prudham said. “I’m exhausted after having so many babies naturally so I think I deserve it.”

Prudham will be awake during the C-section, and has chosen “I Want To Break Free” by Queen as the music that will play in the surgical room.

Proof that Prudham will continue to have children is in her request to her husband that he reverse his vasectomy.

Prudham and her husband, Robert, split earlier this year after she claimed he left her for a woman he met on Facebook, reports Express.

They have since reconciled, as Robert reportedly did not have an affair, and was merely messaging the woman.

Prudham now wants to have a 13th child with Robert — and collect a bigger payday by doing so.

“We’re good at making babies — I’ve asked him to have his vasectomy reversed because being apart made me realise I want more children,” Prudham said. “And I get more in benefits with every child I have so I can afford a big family.”

A vasectomy reversal through the NHS costs $3,000. Prudham says it is “worth every penny.”

“I have children because I love being a mum not to get more benefits,” Prudham said. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to have as many children as I want.”

To accommodate her large family, Prudham has also asked the local council to rebuild two houses into one so her family will be comfortable.

“Our house is getting too small as the children grow older,” Prudham said. “We need more space with a new baby coming. I want a place in a less rough area out near the country. I don’t see why they shouldn’t knock two houses into one for us. It also needs to have a brand new smart kitchen as our current one is in a right state.”

Prudham and Robert also plan to take a $15,000 vacation next year to Las Vegas to renew their vows.

“We deserve a break, so we booked to go to Vegas to renew our wedding vows. We had a low-key ceremony when we were first married,” Prudham said. “This time we have booked into a five-star hotel and we will renew our vows in the Chapel of Love. Robert will wear a white suit and I’ve been looking at ­designer wedding gowns worth £3,000. I’ve been sorting out hiring limos and flowers too. After the ceremony we will go for a nice dinner and then gamble some money in the casinos.”

Prudham and Robert have avoided the maximum allowed benefits per year of $39,000, because Robert works as a delivery driver and earns enough to claim working tax credit.