Mom Goes To Return $150,000 She Found That Wasn’t Hers, Gets Punishment She Never Saw Coming

One woman found a wallet with $150,000 inside, telling WITI: “I was completely, completely fooled,” adding, “I just regret being a part of it.”

She discovered the wallet while walking through a parking lot in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Another woman called out to her, she explained, saying, “She asked me if I had dropped anything,” holding up the wallet.

She continued, “It was brown and it almost looked like the size of a brick,” then the woman called over another woman and, finding the money inside, they decided to split it three ways. She explained, “Well, finders keepers then, huh?”

The woman who found the wallet noted that she worked for a realtor’s office and that the business had a money counting machine so they could easily divide it. She added that her boss would draw up paperwork to split the money legally.

Then they drove to the woman’s office and she went inside.

Here’s where things start to get seriously shady, as the woman told the others “there was $150,000 in cash in the wallet,” but to claim it, they had to provide cash to show they were financially responsible.

The victim explained, “I walked to the bank and withdrew the money,” then they returned to the realtor’s office and the three combined their money. They were told they would go in one by one.

She realized at that point “that something was wrong,” and upon entering the business and explaining the situation, said that no one knew what she was talking about.

The car with the other two women left, taking her $2,000 with them. She explained, “The whole thing is horrendous.”

Those that weighed in with comments on the Facebook post about the story were surprised the woman didn’t try to find the wallet’s rightful owner, with comments such as: “That is what you get for not doing the right thing to begin with. Finders keepers…lol They found your money and they kept it” and “Well that’s Karma for you!!! Don’t feel bad for her one little bit. Should have taken that money and reported it.”

This commenter added: “That’s why you should always report finding something like that to the police. What kind of person keeps $150,000 that they just find lying around anyway? That’s horrible.”

Another person noted: “I totally don’t get this part: ‘but in order to get the money, the woman claimed to work at First Weber Realty said all three women had to provide some cash to prove they were financially responsible…’ Prove what? To who? What did the victim think that meant? Also a little hard to have sympathy for someone who wouldn’t at least try to find its true owner.”

Though many came down hard on the woman for falling for the scam, one commenter noted: “It’s easy to judge the woman, and we all have the same kind of feelings about trying to find the owner but bless her heart for opening up about this. She may very well have saved someone else from being scammed.”