Mom Discovers She Is Pregnant Just 45 Minutes Before She Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Plymouth Herald WS

No worries about nine months of discomforts, no sleep deprivation, and no big belly – that was pregnancy for Lisa Leathard. Not convinced? We cannot blame you. Because Leathard’s story surprises anyone.

Lisa Leathard, who lives in Plympton, admitted herself into A&E when she suffered severe stomach pain. But she was stunned when the doctor informed her the reason for the pain.
It was labor pain. Yes, you read it right. She was in labor.

Leathard did not have any symptoms of pregnancy. However, she had noticed that her ankles were swollen. But, never thought pregnancy could be behind it. In fact, 35-year-old Lisa Leathard and her 45-year-old husband Nick had mutually agreed to not have children.

Even doctors were confused. However, an ultrasound at Derriford Hospital confirmed that she was moments from giving birth.

She told Plymouth Herald: “They said yes there was definitely a baby and that it was coming now. It was like a scene out of Casualty, everyone was running through the hospital to get me to the delivery suite.”

And even before she could accept the reality, she delivered a baby boy. Just 45 minutes after being told the shocking news, she had the baby in her arms.

She recalls, “The baby was taken away for about 30 seconds and brought back – they said he was perfect, very healthy and thought he was full term because of his weight [7lbs7].”

Everyone associated with Leathard was in for a surprise. She had to phone her work to tell them she could not come in because she just had a baby!

However, postpartum was not easy for her. She developed post-natal depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. It reached a level where she couldn’t even go to the supermarket alone. With therapy and help from her doctor, she recovered.

Her little baby is now three years old. Leathard named the boy Toby. Looking back, it was one of the happiest surprises for her and she agrees that being a mum is “fantastic.”

Lisa gave birth a second time. But, this time she knew she was pregnant. Toby, thus, has a baby brother Noah.