Mom Applies Vicks Vopo Rub To Her Baby, Shortly After He Dies – Be Careful With This, Moms

Vicks VapoRub is the clear minty ointment we all clearly remember – it was applied on our chest or under the nose by our mothers whenever we were down with the flu to treat chest congestion.

Vicks has become a household name everyone recognizes and is still in use around the world today. However, according to some experts, this habit should stop immediately as it may have fatal consequences for our children!

This comes after a recent tragic experience of a Mexican mom who lost her 2-years old child. One day after coming back home from work, the mom noticed that her baby had a fever and thought it was just a common cold.

She immediately reached for VapoRub and rubbed the ointment on the child’s back, chest and under his nose to allow it to breathe easier. Sleeping next to her baby, she soon noticed that it’s not breathing.

Shocked, the mother carried her son to the hospital, where doctors could do nothing – the baby has been dead for hours! She never imagined that this could happen, and is now using her story to spread awareness among other parents.

VapoRub is highly effective for adults, but in babies younger than 2 years, it actually increases instead of reducing the level of mucus in their lungs. Once the mucus accumulates in the trachea, the baby stops breathing.

The label says that the ointment is not for children under 3, but the warning went unnoticed in this case.

This is why it’s dangerous to use home remedies for diseases and conditions – they could help, but you should know if they are suitable for your children.

So, the next time you notice your baby has a fever, take them to a doctor instead.