Moby Opened A Vegan Restaurant and Is Giving The Profits Away To Animal Charities

Moby is a music producer that recently opened a Vegan restaurant located in Los Angeles with the intentions to collect the profit earned and donate it to a variety of animal charities. The restaurant is named “Little Pine” and is specifically located in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

Moby actually stated in a report that he wanted to collaborate to make his restaurant a non-profit organization to help benefit animal charities.  He said:

“Opening little pine was never meant to be a conventional entrepreneurial endeavor. I want it to represent veganism in a really positive light, and also to support the animal welfare organizations who do such remarkable work,”

“If we are losing money, I can’t sacrifice the quality of the food we serve. I would rather honestly have a restaurant that is 100% organic and loses a little bit of money, than serve compromised food that makes money. I don’t see the point in serving anything that I wouldn’t have in my house,”

Moby revealed that he has decided to be a vegan 27 years ago. Also, he mentioned how his favorite food was stuffed shells when he was growing up. He reminisces his mother taking big semolina shells and stuffing them with ricotta. So now he is doing his own version of that. He loves the idea of presenting a well-designed vegan environment which doesn’t associate or nearly involves Birkenstocks and mashed yeast.

“If someone wants to wear Birkenstocks, they should, but this is not the old cliched, joyless veganism,” he said.

According to the mission statement on the restaurant’s website, his intentions are to collaborate what most inspires him. He believes that usually when one is opening a restaurant of their own, the major question posed is “Why would you ever want to open a restaurant?” Well, despite everything one has to do in order to have a successful business running, the main component is finding the middle ground that will allow one’s business to run smooth. His ideologies were set on doing what he loves most. This consisted of organic food, community, veganism, architecture & design, which overall helped his restaurant be represented in one space.

The organizations that are going to receive donations include The Humane Society, Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepard, PETA, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and others

What a great way to give back to the animal community right?!

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