Mirror Morphing – This Is Mind-Blowing

Mirror Morphing is an exercise that allows the mind to have extremely strange visual experiences and allows your facial features to morph into animals, other people and strange creatures. Anyone can do this, even with no practice, mirror morphing can easily be achieved. This amazing exercise requires nothing more than the ability to use the sense of sight, having access to a dim lit room and a mirror! By spending just 1-5 minutes doing this you will notice that your reflection begins to transform right in front of your eyes!

The Theory

Mirror Morphing is believed to be nothing more than a psychological effect of how the brain absorbs visual information. However, I feel that this doesn’t quite explain as to why this is happening. Let’s face it, we look at our reflections all the time, we use different focusing techniques whilst looking at the mirror but yet, we don’t experience these exciting visuals!

A window into the soul

It is widely believed that the eyes are a window into the soul, and by looking into them we are actually able to look into it. Many people explain that by gazing into someone’s eyes, they are able to sense, see and feel the intentions, emotions and thoughts of that person as if they are connected to the person’s soul somehow.

As mirror Morphing uses the method of looking into the eyes, I believe that when doing this, we are actually looking into our own soul and in the process are tapping into the energies our soul’s are merged with.

Multidimensional space

In mainstream physics and science today, it is believed that reality has multiple versions of itself and that our own dimension is existing alongside these other dimensions. The theory behind this is, that existence is just one space and inside of this space, there is an infinite amount of dimensions. ” But how is this possible? “ The theory of how one space can hold an infinite amount of dimensions within it is actually very simple when we look at like this…

Dimensions are nothing more than a specific frequency range carrying information, depending on the frequency reflects on where the information goes to. Just like how the radio works, the information is being carried through a specific frequency and depending on what the frequency range is, will reflect on where the information will be sent to.

Try to see our reality like this… Our dimension is the transmission, our reality is the information being carried and our consciousness is the radio receiving the information. Our consciousness only decodes the information of our reality because it is merged to only receive that transmission, just like how a radio can receive a transmission from one radio station but not the many others that are being transmitted along the side of it.  When doing this it becomes very clear and simple as to how the multidimensional theory works and why we can’t see and interact with it.

Another very interesting theory of mainstream physics today is that within each dimension we are actually able to exist simultaneously, and this is where I believe the visuals of the mirror morphing exercise come in. I think that by looking into our own pupils, we are able to look into the soul and by doing this for a fair amount of time, we are able to detect and decode the information that would normally not be accessible in our reality and this is what causes the visuals. “ When thinking about this, could we actually be looking at different versions of ourselves through the soul? “ it is possible!

Remember that anyone can do this first time!


  1. The location.

Choose your location to mirror morph in wisely. Choose a room that you are familiar with, is not cluttered with objects, is free from distractions and has a dim level of lighting, the lighting in the room should be no more than 25w in power and preferably a CFL power saving bulb.

2. The mirror.

The mirror you use should contain no printing and must be plain, clean and roughly 2 foot wide and 3 foot long.

3. Relaxation.

To be able to get the best effects, you must be completely relaxed. By being greatly relaxed you are able to become more open to the information you will receive through the sense of sight, this is because when relaxed, we have no thoughts, a stable emotional state and through that our awareness is able to connect more greatly with whatever it has been placed into.

Guide to Mirror Morphing

  1. View your reflection.

Go to the room of preference and look into the mirror, allow both eyes to gaze into themselves and gaze deeply into the pupil. You will know when you do this correctly as during this stage because both pupils will begin to dilate and grow bigger and bigger.

2. Allow your consciousness to detect the information.

Allow your consciousness to detect and decode the information that is being projected into the image of your reflection. This may take up to 5 minutes to happen but try to remember that it will happen. At first, you may experience a small flicker of difference in your reflection but the deeper you go the more information you will receive. try to aim to spend at least 15 minutes doing this as many people do not experience the full set of morphings until they have achieved a high state of consciousness towards their reflection.

3. Enjoy the ride!

Again the visuals you experience may be very scary, but mostly they are fun and cool to see. If you do this properly you will see yourself change into animals, creatures and other people of all ages, gender and race!

Have fun morphing!

Love and Light