Miraculous Escape: Toddler Trips In The Middle of The Road, Falls In Front of Passing Car – But Watch What Happens Next


In the morning of 12 January 2016 at around 9 am, four-year-old girl Jyoti Choudhary was wandering alone on a road near her house in Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi, India. Suddenly, the girl trips in the middle of the busy back road; in the path of an oncoming Car. Not aware of the girl lying on the road, the Car drives over her – luckily, through the gap in between its tyres – and the girl stands up later unhurt, only that she was scared and did not move for that brief moment of accident. As you can see the incident in the video, the little girl Jyoti Choudhary escapes from what could have been a fatal accident and walks back unscathed. A man in neighborhood who happens to see the incident comes to get hold of the fortunate girl, who he said was just scared and crying. The shocking and incredible near miss accident was captured by the CCTV footage in the Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi.

After knowing about the incident, Jyoti’s mother, Meenu, said that she is truly blessed to see her child safe and home. She also explained that Jyoti escaped through the front door onto the road when she was feeding her 18-month-old daughter Sunny at home.

Jyoti’s teacher, Meenakshi, said the young girl was particularly adventurous and it is difficult to keep her sitting still. The girl was certainly very lucky and fortunate not to get hurt in such a road accident. But the incident calls for parents to be careful and watchful of their kids’ wanderings.