Miracle Dog Honored For Bringing 62 Year Old Owner Out of Coma When Doctors Had Lost Hope

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend for very good reason. When they develop a bond with a human, there is almost nothing that can break it and this story serves as a prime example of this truism in action. Andy and his four year old Schnauzer/poodle mix were recently separated as a result of Andy’s struggle with illness and our friend Teddy’s response to this ordeal will certainly touch your heart.

When Andy was given a bowel cancer diagnosis back in 2012, he was able to pull through the treatment process and survive. However, his immune system remained highly susceptible to illness and he contracted pneumonia this past winter as a result. His particular case was rather severe and caused him to be rushed to the hospital in order to receive the treatment that he needed in order to continue living.

Andy’s illness continued to worsen by the moment and he needed to be placed into a medically induced coma. The coma was believed to be Andy’s best place at successfully healing and achieving a full recovery. Estelle, Andy’s wife, wanted to do anything possible to make sure that her husband’s stay in the hospital was a fruitful one. Teddy was brought to his bedside as a means of providing comfort.

In most instances, the hospital would require a reunion between an owner and their pet to take place out in the courtyard. In Andy’s case, Teddy was allowed to spend time in his room and while the coma was supposed to take place for one week, Teddy’s barking allowed Andy to wake up much sooner than expected. Even doctors believe that this very well may have been the cause for Andy’s early wake up.

There is very little doubt in the mind of Andy’s doctors that the presence of Teddy was instrumental in speeding up his recovery. Teddy’s efforts were recognized by the United Kingdom’s RSPCA. The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals gave the dog a reward and the special animal received the kudos that he truly deserved.

Andy is now recovered and he has Teddy to thank for it. Teddy is one of the most remarkable dogs that we have ever had the chance to get to know and you now have the chance to find out more about his awesome story. Take a moment to check out this clip and pass it along to all of the animal lovers in your life as soon as it is complete.