Miracle Birth In Poland: A Baby Born In 55 Days After Its Mother’s Death


A child was born in 55 days after the death of its mother. Doctors declared the woman brain-dead, but she was kept alive in this hospital in Poland till the birth of her child.

The 41-year-old woman had a brain tumor. Doctors say she didn’t want to be operated on. She was afraid of the risks. She was brought to the clinic in Wroclaw in November unconscious with no brain activity.

Doctors found out that the she was 17 weeks pregnant when they heard the baby’s heartbeat. The medics decided to save the child. So they had to extend the woman’s life for at least two months.

Anesthesiologists, neonatologists, gynecologists and neurosurgeons were working as one team to save the baby’s life. Every day they had to fight the infections and disorders in the mother’s body.

Neonatologists said that we have to support the mother until 30 weeks of pregnancy. But it’s too long for the brain-dead body, because the organism can have a lot of disorders.

Gynecologists set the goal to prolong the mother’s life to at least 25 weeks of pregnancy. This is a minimum for the fetus to grow until it can be born and get a chance to live.

After Cesarean section Wojtek was born. The boy weighed only 1 kilogram. His dad patiently waited for the birth for 55 days reading him fairy tales.

A little boy was put in intensive care and spent three months in an incubator.

A few days ago a boy and his dad were discharged from the hospital and they are finally at home. Now Wojtek weighs 3 kilograms and he is doing well. Each of the 145 days that his father spent in the hospital was very hard for him. He doesn’t want to share this unique story with strangers. He is busy taking care of his small miracle.