Miners In Siberia Find What Could Be Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life

In Siberia, a mining company keeps coming across these strange stone circles that eerily resemble the classic symbol of extraterrestrial life on Earth: the flying saucer. Experts and ancient alien skeptics alike are baffled by the find.

Siberia’s Kuznetsk Basin is one of the largest coal mines in the world, so it’s no surprise to the company when they come across a few mammoth bones every now and again. But these man-made, circular stones are really hindering their work, and freaking out the employees.


Each wheel has a diameter of about 4 feet and is a near perfect circle. The fact that they weigh almost 440 pounds suggests that these babies weren’t made for practical purposes.


However, the oddest thing about the stone wheels is that they were found more than 130 feet below Earth’s surface, dating them at about 10,000 years old. What did these stones mean to ancient man? And do they correspond with the ancient Dropa stones found in Tibet?


Some ufologists claim that this is a small monument to an ancient race of extraterrestrials who appeared on Earth thousands of years ago. It could be that, I guess…or it could be a sign that our early ancestors were just bored and wanted to mess with future generations. What I’m saying is this: We’ll probably never know.