Millions Saw A UFO In ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode

Most if not all of us have heard of the popular highly rated AMC original series The Walking Dead. Even if we have never seen a single episode, we no doubt have heard the continual buzz surrounding this program. Not just from those in day to day life but from all the talk about it online.

One episode of “The Walking Dead can have fans, bloggers and critics talking all week if not for weeks. One episode, in particular, had many people talking, not just due to what happened in the episode but because of what was caught in the background during the episode. UFO APPEARANCE IN THE WALKING DEAD

During a scene in the episode, the main character of the program Rick Grimes was taken to the top of a garbage heap by a character name Jadis the main purpose of the scene was the show the vast area of their community. Yes, this was using the programs notorious green screen, and well these are seldom realistic.

But there was something in the scene that some viewers did spot that they deducted was real and not fake.There off in the distance was some sort of fast moving object that appeared right above Rick’s head at one point. So, what was this? Well, some online have dismissed this as an airplane. But the odd thing is this wasn’t a location shoot but shot on an outside sound stage.
But turns out upon watching the video that is now streaming online there were actually four objects that can be caught in the duration of that scene.So, what was the cause of this? Well, again some could say it was just a technical glitch.Maybe it was also something that the show itself is hinting at. It wouldn’t be the first time The Walking Dead did something in a subtle way at first that came back later to be explained as part of the plot. Maybe this is the hint that there is another community out there who can actually travel by air something that hasn’t happened since the Zombie Apocalypse hit.Then there is the possibility if this is a plot from the show that an alien race caused the zombie apocalypse as a way of annihilating mankind.
Whatever the cause be it a glitch, a plot device or something else the objects are definitely there. No one knows at this point what the cause of the UFO’s was.All we do know for sure is that “The Walking Dead” never fails to have viewers talking and this episode had them talking all the more.