Mexican Woman ‘Possessed’ By Demon While Eating Cookies

A video from Mexico alleges to show the moment a woman was possessed by a demon while recording a video message and eating cookies. The woman appears to have a seizure in the video before an unseen force slams the door.

The video, which is reportedly from the Aguascalientes in south Mexico, shows a woman lying on a bed recording a video message for her boyfriend. As she bites down on a cookie she says she feels strange before dropping her phone and appearing to have a seizure.

After a few terrifying seconds the door to the room slams shut, seemingly by itself, before the woman breaks out of the alleged possession and runs out of the room screaming.

Strange noises can then be heard after she leaves the room, which could possibly be interpreted as spine-chilling screams from hell, or maybe a friendly elephant squealing on a nearby television.

According to the Yucatan Informa the woman is doing fine and doesn’t appear to be “possessed” any more.