Messages From ET – The Translation of Alien Binary Codes

Linda Moulton Howe is one of the most respected UFO investigators in the media today and gave an in-depth lecture recently on several of her theories. In the lecture, she focuses on specific cases such as the Roswell incident as well as her work on animal mutilations and binary codes translated that she believes are alien transmissions.

While she offers sources for all her evidence and presents some interesting ideas, the overarching theme seems to be that the aliens in question and generally malevolent somehow and that they shouldn’t be trusted.

Seemingly the aliens in question are acting completely according to their own agenda and have no concern over being seen or the odd signs that they leave behind. The majority of the time these signs and sightings are being suppressed for some reason by the world governments, the reasons for which have several theories.

The most common theory is that the most powerful governments of the world are working with alien groups through fear and are doing as they are told. The alien motives for wanting to visit the planet and experiment on animals and humans being, in this case, unknown. Access to new technologies seemingly being the most obvious payment in exchange for covering up their activities.

The second most prominent theory is that the aliens are using the earth and its inhabitants for their own means and have refused any contact with the governments as they do not recognize them as either an authority source or a threat. No more than a human would try to communicate to an ants nest, so extremely advanced aliens would likely have little time or need to talk to humans. Once again prompting world governments to cover up their existence from the populace.

Howe also discusses how the Roswell incident was covered up, and how air balloon debris was spread over the crash area by the military in order to delude the public and the media from the truth of what went on. In reports she claims to have gained access to, there were actually three crash sites, and five alien bodies were recovered.