Megalodon Shark Caught On Video


The Megalodon Shark lived over 15 million years before we started digging their teeth out of the ocean floor, but there is evidence that suggests that it may have lived as early as 10,000 years ago. Many species in the ocean that existed during the reign of the Megalodon Shark still exist today. Megalodon teeth are sold as collectibles throughout the world by many different companies. We will be reviewing these companies soon to help our viewers find a good source of quality Megalodon teeth.

There isn’t any physical evidence to support the idea that the Megalodon Shark is still alive. Still, we have seen examples in which species that were previously thought to be extinct had been rediscovered. Many of these species were in the deep areas of the oceans where many believe the Megalodon Shark may be lurking to this day. Some examples of extinct species being rediscovered in the Giant Squid, as well as the Coelacanth.

The size of the Megalodon Shark is also debated greatly but it is thought that this enormous shark was over 100 feet long.  Also, the Megalodon shark tipped the scales at over 100 tons!  Could you imagine a shark the size of a large city bus chomping down on it’s prey?!   The Megalodon likely fed on giant squid and sperm whales, which both still exist in the oceans today.  The fact that these sources of food still exist in the oceans support the idea that the Megalodon Shark may still be hiding in the deepest areas of the oceans.

The Mariana trench is one of the deepest areas of the ocean and an expedition by Japanese biologists supposed produced the footage seen in the video below.  It is unclear if what we are looking at is the Megalodon Shark, but it is very large.  Maybe someday we will finally know the truth about the Megalodon Shark.