Meals On Wheels Mistakenly Serves Dog Food To Senior Citizens


A German Meals-on-Wheels branch has apologized for serving three elderly people dog food instead of, well, human food.

Though the dog food was appropriately labelled, three residents of a German town were still mistakenly served it. According to The Telegraph, the unlucky recipients realized the organization’s error after they heated their meals up and found themselves repulsed by the smell. The charity claimed one person ate the dish without realizing what it was.

Osnabrucker Tafel, the offending Meals-on-Wheels branch, which is based in Osnabruck, Germany, explained that employees mistook the dog food jars for human food due to the sophisticated labeling. However, the jars full of “venison and potatoes with garden vegetables” had the words “gourmet food for animals” in small print that reportedly went unnoticed, UPI reported.

“Our warehouse manager sorts through many tons of groceries every day and it is possible that due to the design of the packaging, he did not notice,” Dieter Mollmann, head of Osnabrucker Tafel, told a local newspaper. “We are extremely sorry about the mix-up. Due to this incident, we will advise all stations within our operations to in the future go over and check groceries more carefully.”

And the company who whips up the puppy chow has weighed in, too. Gordon Santaniello, managing director of Santaniello, assured The Telegraph that the dog food is “completely harmless” to people. In fact, he pointed out that he has eaten it from time to time at product demos to prove its high quality.


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