McDonald’s Refuses To Give A Homeless Lady Some Hot Water

A kind man from Cardiff named Jonathon Pengelly was moved to tears by an incident that happened at the local McDonald’s. He was there on Saturday night, standing in the long queue when something really heartbreaking happened. Jonathon stood behind a homeless woman who asked for some hot water, but the staff refused to fulfill her request. The lady, called Polly was left without this little but such necessary thing.

Jonathon said that it was “disgusting” that they refused this “basic human right.” The man didn’t want to stay and do nothing, so he offered to buy some food for this woman. Polly wanted to eat a cheeseburger.

But that wasn’t all. Jonathon and his friends bought as much as they could carry and gave it homeless people one the street where Polly and her mate had to stay. The gracious man even invited two homeless women to his house where they could shower and brush their teeth. Jonathon also cooked some food for several days and gave it these poor people.

Jonathon posted this story on his Facebook page. He wrote: “I’m no saint, but this small act of kindness cost me about £20. I know 90% of people reading this will earn about 10 times that a day.
It costs nothing to be kind, and I genuinely hope people share this to raise awareness of homelessness throughout the UK!
Me and polly have chatted on the phone and I’ve promised her that she will never go hungry or cold again! I’ve given her blankets, pillows and a back pack full of food.

If you see someone on the streets, don’t look down on them like they’re nothing. You don’t know what they’ve been though! spare a little thought!“