McDonalds Answer For The $15 An Hour Wage Increase Was Shockingly Unexpected To Many

Leave it to big chain corporations to come up with a workaround for paying their employees a living wage.

Rather than figure out a way to increase the wages of employees, it seems McDonalds decided to ignore the complaints altogether and just replace a large amount of it’s employees with computers! In Europe, 7000 touch-screen machines have been rolled out to replace cashiers. They appear to be now headed to the U.S.

McDonalds Answer for the $15 an Hour Wage Increase

While fast food restaurants may have started out as places where school-age kids could find employment for a stretch before moving on, in today’s world, with manufacturing going overseas and computers taking over many forms of employment, the fast food gig has now turned into long-term, career based work for thousands of people.

The service industry is huge in the U.S. and it is pretty much all we have left to call our own. But now it looks like the automated computers are replacing that as well, even at the fast food restaurant level.