Mayor of Small Town Is Getting National Attention After He Explains Reason For Blue Stripe

Depending on where you live, there is a good chance that you’ve seen a street sign or a corner sign that is designated to a fallen police officer or soldier. These are fairly common in towns and cities across the country because they are a way to honor the individuals who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Mayor of Ocean City, Maryland, Rick Meehan, is proud of the city that he calls home and has spent several years dedicating countless hours to. And the city has won top awards to prove it. Ocean City has joined the ranks of the best beaches in America and it was recently awarded as such in Trip Advisor’s annual report. A major reason why the city received such an honor, is because of the safety that American families feel when residing in and visiting Ocean City.

Mayor Meehan credits the hard work of the police officers and volunteers to the feeling of safety in the community, and he wanted to honor them in his own unique way. Instead of using signage to spread the word of the hardworking officers, Meehan decided to shout it loud and proud so he had a blue line painted in between the two already existing yellow lines that run the entire length of Maryland’s 65th street, leading all the way to the headquarters of the Ocean City Police Department. The line serves as a reminder to the residents and visitors of the beach city.

The community is on board with the idea and the initiative was also passed by the City Council in December. Congressman Andy Harris gladly showed his support of the blue line initiative…

“During these turbulent times, perhaps more than ever, it is imperative that we show support for our law enforcement officers. Your initiative to paint this thin blue line does just that.”

What better way to remind the public of the sacrifices that the officers make every day to ensure their community is safe.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Federal Highway Administration was not on board with the act of recognition and they voiced their opinions to the New Jersey towns who also implemented the lines…

“We appreciate and understand the efforts by local governments and others that convey support for law enforcement officers, however; the yellow lines down the center of a road are meant to control traffic and modification of that marking could cause confusion, accidents, and fatalities.”

While the mayor has chosen to ignore the letter sent by the Federal Highway Administration, the modification of the yellow lines is a violation of code 3A.06 in the Manual of Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways. The mayor, along with the residents of Ocean City are proud of the addition to their street and the uniqueness in which it was executed. It is unsaid what they will do as far as the violation is concerned. Until then, they will consider the blue line a legacy for the fallen officers.