Mashkevich Alexander Antonovich: The Creation of New Standards

Alexander Mashkevich is known among experts and random users on the Internet as one of the richest and most influential people in two countries at once – Kazakhstan and Israel. He became famous as one of the first major businessmen throughout Central Asia and quite an important figure in the Jewish community.

Currently, Alexander Mashkevich is engaged not only in humanitarian activities, but also in the development of one of the largest companies in the world – the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), where he manages strategic activities as a chairman of the Board of Directors.

The company of Alexander Mashkevich is recognized as one of the leading in the field of mining and metallurgy. The industry is known for being one of the most problematic. So, its participants experienced the negative consequences of hard physical labor, daily contact with hazardous chemicals and health risks, working with potentially unsafe production elements and were subjected to excessive mental stress.

However, in 2020, industry standards keep constantly changing, while the largest market participants continue to introduce new production standards.

The head of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) Alexander Mashkevich shared his vision of the development of mining and metal production, plans to increase competitiveness and new challenges for the industry.

In his expert assessment, Alexander Mashkevich notes that the negative image of this type of industry was justified in the past, but nowadays top management focuses its attention and resources on modernizing and improving the safety of all areas of production, including the improvement of working conditions for workers, optimization of the key processes, labor safety enhancements, general humanization of the industry, and increasing the competitiveness of companies.

To the question of how the latest technologies can change mainly the traditional industry, Alexander Mashkevich answers unequivocally: “To tell you briefly, the changes will be cardinal. By using digital technologies in production and metallurgy and introducing artificial intelligence, we are solving several fundamentally important tasks: we accelerate the production process at all stages, improve product quality, lower the risk factor of human errors and get the opportunity to get radically new products needed to solve the problems of the modern economy ”.

At the moment, without the introduction of the latest developments, the industry has no future, continues Alexander Antonovich Mashkevich. “To successfully position themselves on world markets, companies must implement the latest solutions in all divisions – from the finance department to production units,” he says.

Eurasian Resources Group already possesses successful cases of modernizing previously obsolete facilities, in particular, Alexander Mashkevich proudly talks about the Smart Career project implemented at the Kacharsky mine.

“Equipping the mining equipment and transport complex with a monitoring system made it possible to analyze the efficiency of the use of that equipment. As a result, productivity was immediately increased by 10%, which is a major achievement for this industry,” said Alexander Mashkevich.

An interesting case in the ERG portfolio of solutions is the introduction of a unified production management system based on revolutionary Big Data technology and the use of machine learning.

However, the process of digitalization of the mining and industrial complex is accompanied by new challenges. “On the way to the development and transformation of the company, we are faced with the loss of work units, parting with loyal and experienced employees, loss of financial and time resources due to the predictable failures of some technological projects and side difficulties in the process of technological and cultural transformation of the business,”.

The Ecosystem project, developed by Alexander Mashkevich and ERG specifically for the population of Kazakhstan, deserves special mention.

“The idea of implementing the program arose after getting acquainted with the latest achievements of Silicon Valley in the United States. So, we were the first in the region to start creating an industrial data laboratory, information from which is sent to our partners in Astana Hub as well as other enterprises like IT startups. The implementation of the program is crucial for the process of testing new products that can ensure the success of our startups in the future,” says Alexander Mashkevich.

The importance of the process of continuous modernization of production guarantees the preservation of the current rates of productivity and profitability of the company and the provision of families to tens of thousands of Kazakhs working in various departments of ERG. Modernization will also allow the company to fulfill its previously assumed obligations in the social, cultural and infrastructure spheres. So we are not standing still – for the future of our families, companies and the country, Alexander Mashkevich summarizes the importance of introducing new standards in the industry.