Marine Gives His Liver To A Nurse He’s Never Met – 9 Months Later, Her Family Gets This News


In March of 2014, a woman named Heather was diagnosed with stage four liver disease. Heather was a nursing assistant and, as most people know, the line for transplants seems like a never-ending one. She waited anxiously for a donor match, but as she waited, her her sickness only became worse and worse.

Praying for a miracle, Heather hoped that someone would come forward with a match and get her the transplant she needed to survive. That’s where the Marine comes in. Chris, a former marine, heard a co-worker talking about heather’s situation and how she desperately needed a liver transplant. Without hesitation, or even knowing who she was, Chris decided to undergo the testing to see if he was a match. Lo and behold, Chris was a match for Heather!

Chris contacted the hospital and received Heather’s phone number, then he proceeded to call her and give her the good news. Heather was absolutely stunned that a complete stranger would be willing to donate his liver for her, an act of pure selflessness. After undergoing the surgery, Heather and Chris shared a recovery room together and comforted each other through the entire process. They became friends, making jokes and just having a great time in each other’s company. With over half of Chris’ liver given to replace half of Heather’s the two were in the hospital for a very, very long time. A few months later, something happened to the two of them that was absolutely life-changing.