Man’s Best Friend: Dogs Save Their Owners By Calling 911

Buddy, a dog specially trained to call 911 when his owner suffers seizures grabbed the phone and whimpered for help. Stalnaker said he trained his dog to recognize when he had a seizure and respond by grabbing the phone and bringing it to him. When Buddy hears the operator, he puts the phone down and whimpers as if he was in distress.


“He doesn’t actually sit there and dial 911, but whenever he picks up the phone, one of his teeth inevitably hits the number, and if it’s held down for more than three seconds, it dials the policedepartment,” Stalnaker said.

The 911 system matches the call to the address and dispatches emergency help. Buddy rode in the ambulance with Stalnaker to the hospital, and both were back home two days later.

An Ohio dog is proving he’s the definition of “man’s best friend” after saving his owner by calling 911.

Terry McGlade is a United States Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. McGlade was injured in the line of duty when he was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Two years ago, he got a rescue dog trained to sense when he is going into seizures and to help him in situations where his PTSD causes anxiety.

When Terry recently suffered a seizure, the dog knew to step on his phone screen for several seconds, which was automatically programmed to call 911. As ABC 6 reports, dispatchers never heard the dog bark, but became suspicious when they received numerous calls.

The dog reportedly waited in front of the house for police and medics. Terry spent the night in the hospital, but is doing much better.

Terry has entered his dog into a “best dog” contest.