Man Was Napping In The Shade Under A Tree, When A Cheetah Approaches and Does The Weirdest Thing

Cheetahs are built for two main things, running and hunting. You can’t outrun them. They are the fastest land animals on Earth. You can forget outmaneuvering them, it’s believed that they’re able to know and anticipate the escape tactics of the animals they prey upon. By the time you even notice one and start to move they’re already off and running as they also hold the animal record for fastest acceleration. In fact, it takes them a mere 3 seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour, that’s quicker than many race cars are able to accelerate!

Cheetahs are clearly one of the world’s most amazing and graceful big cats. While they may be built for speed, they’re also built for more leisurely activities, like long naps in the shade. The sweet girl named Eden in this video loves to do just that!

Dolph C. Volker was volunteering at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa when he first met the 3 year old Eden and the two quickly formed a special bond. In a matter of days he’d found himself welcomed into her comfort zone and she was soon approaching him on her own to affectionately groom and cuddle with him. In the accompanying clip she licks, nibbles, and gently bites at him before settling down for nice relaxing nap in his arms under her favorite tree. The best part about it is that the whole entire time Eden purrs like a little baby!

She’s such an unbelievably friendly and sweet Cheetah, you just have to see her interaction with Mr. Volker yourself to understand how warm and at ease she truly is!