Man Walking Through Forest Captures Unbelievable Footage As Ground Changes Before His Eyes

While enjoying a peaceful stroll through Nova Scotia, a man stumbled across a strange phenomena in the forest. He immediately pulled out his camera to record, and saved it to share on Facebook later. Within days, the video went viral. Not only were people mesmerized by the footage, but a lot of people were left with more questions than answer.

Brian Nuttall, the man behind the video, started recording the moment he spotted the ground moving. In the video, it almost appears as if a sleeping giant is breathing under the forest floor. “As I entered a patch of trees spared from clear cutting, I noticed the ground moving,” he says of the incident.

While the video appears to show forces larger than life, the explanation is a bit less magical. Due to strong winds, experts agree that the apparent “breathing” is really just the root systems loosening and shifting with the wind. Though there is a logical explanation for the movement, it doesn’t make it any less dramatic to watch. See the incredible phenomena for yourself in the video below.