Man Uploaded A Picture of His House and Internet Noticed Something Shocking

As it often happens, this guy was very proud of his accomplishment. He had finally been able to construct the wooden-foundation house that he always wanted to have. However, people are most vulnerable to doing silly stuff when they are most excited – because we do not notice the small details around this. In this case, the detail is not small, but he missed it nonetheless. Can you see why? Check it out in the photos below

Nothing Really Stuck Out

It was a normal brick house, not too dissimilar to the house above – although he wasn’t located in Britain – he was located in our very own continental US. Something did seem a bit off, but I still couldn’t put my finger on it.
It Was Much Worse
Previously, the house he had was much worse than the one he built. This could be a partial explanation of why he missed that crucial, little step in the foundation. Maybe he was just inexperienced in how normally houses are built.
Can You Spot It?
This is it – the big reveal! Can you spot it? Can you spot what is missing here? Alright, if you still haven’t spotted it, his error is in the driveway. There is simply no path connecting his house to the street outside, it is just a garage, unconnected to anything.