Man Suffers Tragic Amputation After ‘Week-Long Wood’

A 52-year-old man was forced to get half of his member amputated after having ‘wood’ for a full week.

The as-yet-unnamed patient, from Taiwan, told doctors that his condition happened without warning, and was not due to any ‘outside’ stimulation.

He originally felt pain down there, but it was only when the pain became unbearable – to the point he felt like it was ‘about to explode’ – that he decided to head to the doctors.

Sadly, the condition was triggered by bladder cancer, something which the man knew he suffered from as many as three years previously.

It was precisely because he did nothing with his diagnosis of cancer that his private parts have had to be amputated.

Officially, if this happens to any man for more than four hours, it is considered a full medical emergency – a condition called a priapism.

Surgeons at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, in South West Tawian, found the cancer had spread too far and amputation was needed.

Once the man has healed from his operation, he will begin chemotherapy to treat the cancer in the area of his body.

The patient’s doctor, Dr Wang, said the cancer was detected in 2014:

But the patient refused because he didn’t want to wear a urine bag for the rest of his life.

Dr Wang led the operation on the gentleman and had to cut into the bladder and some of his genitalia to try and get rid of the pain.

The doctor said the patient is unmarried, and did not request an evaluation of ‘potential sexual function.’

Priapisms are considered relatively rare, and their potential causes varied, cancer being just one of the potential triggers.

The condition is often treated with a draining of the blood from the affected area, an extremely uncomfortable procedure.


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