Man Skydives 70 Times On His 70th Birthday For Charity


Larry Ekstrom could have hosted a bake sale or something to raise money for charity. But the Madison, Mich., senior just isn’t the type.

For those that know 70-year-old Larry Ekstrom, taking it easy on his birthday would be the unusual.

Opting to celebrate his milestone in a jumpsuit instead, the Madison Heights, Michigan man ceremoniously jumped out of an airplane 70 times in 10 hours and did it all for charity.

‘I’d land, step out of harness, step into another, and go back up,’ Mr Ekstrom told the New York Daily News.


Ekstrom, a metal model maker for GM, told the New York Daily News that he took 10 hours 3 minutes to complete the feat. A crew helped him switch parachutes upon landing, he said, and each jump was from about 2,000 feet.

He said it took him eight different parachutes to complete his jumps while with the adrenalin rush dually raising money for the Michigan charity Leader Dogs for the Blind that provides seeing-eye dogs to the blind.

‘My friend who works there is the manager,’ Mr Ekstrom told WDIV. ‘I thought this time would be a good one.’

While Mr Ekstrom is an experienced skydiver with 46 years’ experience under his belt – or 13,476 jumps to be exact – the amazing accomplishment wasn’t all that unique to him, though it certainly was his personal best.

‘I did 60 for 60 for my wife who has [multiple sclerosis],’ he told WDIV of his series of jumps ten years’ ago.


In all he said he raised about $6,000 to fight the disease from that day’s jumps alone.

He said that if anyone became worn out from it all, it was his pilot.

‘I find out ten years later from the pilot that I wore him out,’ he said. ‘We had a good time doing it.’

Approached between jumps on Wednesday and asked his reasoning, he told WDIV: ‘It’s just another milestone and proves somebody can do something.

‘See ya!’ he cheerfully waved before getting back in the plane.

Mr Ekstrom said he hopes to break his record with 80 jumps on his 80th birthday.





Ekstrom said he’s taken 13,476 jumps in his lifetime and would like to take 80 jumps on his 80th birthday.


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