Man Shares A ‘Dead’ Photo of Himself After Wife Hired Hit-Man To Kill Him

Lulu Sosa and Ramon Sosa (Collect/PA Real Life)

We have all had the sort of bad day that makes us wonder if we could successfully fake our own death to get away from it all for good. This man’s reason for faking his own death is a little more severe than a simple bad day, though. Ramon Sosa’s own wife had turned against and decided to hire a hitman. The boxing coach was forced to fake his own death as a matter of survival.

Maria Sosa found a hit-man who was willing to take on this horrific and it cost her all of £1,500. You would think that a hit-man would be a bit more costly, but what do we know about such things? To make matters even worse, Maria even laughed when she saw the photos of her husband once he was “deceased”. The image is a shocking one. It can be hard to remember that it is doctored.

So how did Maria actually get caught? She was dumb enough to try and hire a former boxing student of her husband’s! The Texas Rangers and the FBI would soon get involved. With their assistance, the photo was made to look as a realistic as possible. Once they had created the illusion that he had passed away, they even brought his body out to their very own “shallow grave”.

Ramon Sosa in a staged death photograph (Collect/PA Real Life)

Maria spoke to her “hitman” after the “disposal” had taken place and when she was shown the photos, this is when she began to laugh. The couple had been married for eight years. They seemed happy to those who knew them best. What they did not know was that they were experiencing a wide range of financial woes. This financial strain is what led Maria to make such a reprehensible choice.

Ramon Sosa (Collect/PA Real Life)

Ramon was hidden away from his estranged wife for three days after the photos were taken. Even though Ramon knew that he was not going to pass away, the process of playing dead was a major drain. He says that he was terrified and that he never expected his relationship with his wife to end in such a bizarre manner. Stories like these go to show that you simply never know a person, even if you have lived with them for a very long time.

The person that we love the most in this world could be the person who is plotting our demise. Sobering thought, huh?