Man Photographs Deadly Fight Between Killer Sea Snake And Dangerous Stonefish‏

The ocean is rife with deadly creatures. Yet, while ginormous sharks usually come to mind, the deadliest animals in the ocean are often quite small. Two of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean are sea snakes and stonefish. Sea snakes are among the most venomous snakes in the world, and stonefish are among the most venomous fish in the world. Neither animal is larger than a baby shark. So what happens when these two highly venomous creatures go head-to-head?

While out spearfishing off the coast of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, Australian real estate agent Rick Trippe spotted a rare battle between these venomous sea monsters. Locked into a fight to the death, the sea snake had its jaws around the stonefish, and the stonefish had its jaws around the sea snake.

With so much aggression and venom, who won this dreadful engagement? Could there even be a winner? Well, sea snakes have a highly venomous bite, but stonefish can only envenom their foes with their perilous dorsal fin spines. So, unless the stonefish jabbed the spines on its back into the sea snake (which it may have attempted to do), the sea snake should be just fine.

Regardless, Rick couldn’t stand by and watch them kill each other. He told the Daily Mail:

Being an animal lover, I grabbed the snake just behind the head with serious precaution, knowing that sea snakes are highly venomous. I removed the poisonous fish from its mouth and body. I then released the now happy snake away from its feed. It was amazing how it sprang back to life and looked so happy the moment I put it back into the ocean. But moments later, I saw the snake swim around making a beeline for the fish for a second attempt.

So, in the end, the snake did not want to make peace and most likely dispatched the stonefish.