Man Goes To Bed Thinking He Has The ‘Flu’, Wakes Up Looking Like This

Warning! Some of the images below are graphic and may not be suitable for everyone. Kevin Mannion, 33, was engaged to be married when he developed a sore throat. Since there was a flu going around at the time, Kevin didn’t think too much about it and refused to go to the doctor.

But then he developed weeping sores and reptilian scales appeared all over his body! Kevin had a condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Kevin was rushed to Warrington Hospital in Cheshire one morning when his fiancé found him with his eyes and mouth plastered shut and nasty blisters on his body.

Kevin spent the next month in the hospital. Kevin’s blisters bubbled, and he even developed reptile-like scales on his back.

As you can see in the pictures, his eyelids became red and very swollen. Tanya Jackson, Kevin’s fiancé, said she never thought a sore throat could be that dangerous. Jackson, 30, has two children Eva, 3, and Aaron, 6, said her heart broke when she looked at Kevin.

Finally, Kevin was well enough to be sent home, and he was able to return to work. Kevin still has a lingering cough and scars on his back.

Based on the research on the Mayo Clinic website, Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare disease of the skin and mucous membranes.

The syndrome is a medical emergency and recovery can take weeks to months. Stevens-Johnson is an unpredictable reaction that could be caused by a virus or medication.