Man Gets Hundreds of Tapeworms Stuck In His Body After Eating Bad Sashimi


Apparently, mercury poisoning isn’t the only medical problem you can contract from sushi.

A man in China was hospitalized after eating a really bad batch of sashimi. The man went to the doctor for itchy skin and a stomach ache and scans revealed hundreds of tapeworms throughout his entire body.

Doctors think the man contracted cysticercosis, which is when the tapeworm eggs somehow enter the bloodstream. The condition can be hard to treat, and if the tapeworms reach the brain it can be fatal.

The sashimi he ate is thought to have been contaminated with the tapeworm eggs. The fish was uncooked, so the parasite managed to remain alive.

In humans, tapeworms usually hole up in your intestine, since they’re contracted by eating contaminated food.

The worms can grow to be up to 30 feet long and cause serious health problems, including malnutrition and digestive issues.

If the parasite manages to enter another part of your body, it can damage your muscle tissue, which is what would have happened in this situation if the man hadn’t been treated sooner.

Check out the crazy scans below. You can actually see the worms in his body!

Sushi is officially ruined for me.