Man Found $ 95,000 That His Wife Hid For Years. Her Reason Will Shock You

One elderly couple are together for more than 50 years, and until this moment had no secrets from each other. There is one thing – the wife asked her husband never opens a shoe box, which she always kept on the top shelf of the closet.

Her husband did as she asked and never looked at the contents of that mystery box. But one day his wife got sick and decided to reveal the secret of the box and asked her husband to take her to the hospital.

When he returned home, he saw the box on the table and opened it. Inside were two knitted dolls and a wad of bills in a total amount of $ 95,000!

But why? How? Her husband was shocked. “Before we got married, my grandmother told me a story,” said the sick woman, “she adviced me, whenever we dispute, I should not be angry and arguing, but to sit down and weave a doll. This will calm me down ”

The old man felt a big shock. But there were only two dolls in this old box. This meant that for all these years of living together, she was only twice mad at him. Tightly hugged her and asked: “But tell me, where all this money from?”

“Ah … Yes,” She Said, “I Earned the Money from the Sale of Dolls”