Man Films His Own Death Making Quicksand ‘Escape’ Video Guide

A shocking video has emerged in which a man attempted to film himself recording an “escape from quicksand” video guide, and sadly didn’t make it.

The footage was discovered after the amateur stuntman disappeared whilst performing his survival technique alone with his camera set up on a tripod.

His attempts at avoiding death seem to have failed him as he slowly sinks into the mud and drowns during an 8-minute struggle in the thick wet sludge.

It was only after passersby discovered his camera that his horrific ordeal was later discovered.

The unnamed young man was so confident in his ability to escape the quicksand that he decided to create an “escape” tutorial video.

After setting up a camera to record himself, he jumped straight into the middle of the deep pool of loose, wet sand, without any contingency plan or help from friends as a backup, should things take a turn for the worse.

His intention was to film a guide that would demonstrate how to correctly save yourself in the event of a life-threatening quicksand emergency.

He seemed to have underestimated the severity of the danger he placed himself in, though, and begins to struggle almost immediately after jumping in feet first.

Only only a few seconds, he seems to realize his error as he seems to sink further down whilst trying to lift himself up. “Too thick… too thick” he says as he still seems to be addressing his viewers, realizing that he may have been too confident and underestimated the sand.

He seems to lose energy as he fights to keep himself afloat, but the more he struggles, the deeper he seems to sink.After a few minutes, he fails to keep his head above the surface as he gasps for air and tries desperately to pull the mud away from his face. Just before the video ends, air bubbles rise to the surface at the point where his face was submerged.Don’t try this at home.