Man Dies, Survived by $12 Million Worth of Weed

A Connecticut man was in Atlanta, Georgia when he suddenly died of apparently natural causes. After his body was removed from his van, law enforcement discovered that he died surrounded by loved ones – hundreds of pounds of pot!

Gwinnett County police responded to the call of a man slumped over near a white van and tractor-trailer. There they found Johnny Taylor, 31, of Bridgeport, Connecticut kneeling on the ground with his head on the steps of the white van’s side door. There were bags of marijuana inside the vehicle.


Officers made the discovery while “looking around the scene for signs of foul play.” They had smelled marijuana, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Even though a K9 unit was unable to locate the drugs, a box inside the van was found to contain a large amount of marijuana.

Police continued to find more weed in the van as well as inside the trailer, all similarly packed. “Several hundred pounds of marijuana were seized. The street value is approximately $12 million,” Gwinnett County police spokeswoman Corporal Michele Pihera said in a news release.

Although Pihera could not give the exact amount, she said the haul weighed over 500 pounds.

While Taylor’s death shows no signs of foul play, exactly what killed him remains a mystery. Security footage from the area shows one person dropping off the tractor-trailer. Shortly after, the aforementioned white van was seen pulling up and parking next to the trailer.

The first man left in a gold Toyota Camry and was questioned by the police, but has not been charged with anything, according to Pihera.