Man Demonstrates How To Generate Free Electricity With An Old Washing Machine

Marty T, a well-known Youtuber who’s been living off the grid for almost 16 years has demonstrated how he survives when he’s away from civilization. One of the ways he does that is by generating his own electricity at no cost! While it may sound odd, he does it all using nothing but an old washing machine he found at the local dump.

Free Electricity

In the video, which lasts just sixteen-minutes, Marty shows how he rewired the washing machine motor to generate electricity that is plenty for him to live off of. The generator is rotated via a water-driven Pelton Wheel (Hydro Turbine), which, according to Marty, makes more than enough power to heat his water supply for things like coffee, tea, and showers, as well as running all the appliances in his energy-efficient house as well as most of the tools in his shed.

While there are no issues with it most of the time, there is apparently the occasional mishap, nothing which can’t be solved by going down to the stream though, which is, by his words, a small price to pay to avoid paying a power bill. Some of the best projects and creations are completed using old, discarded items, things that some consider being trash.

Marty definitely wins the award for being the most creative with an old washing machine! Not only did he save it from ending up in landfill, like most household appliances, but he also put it to good use and not he generates his own electricity, completely free of charge, and has done for the last 16 years! In this consumer world where we buy things and throw them out equally as quickly, we could all learn a thing or two from Marty about living more cheaply and re-using items. Apart from saving ourselves money, it would also help save the environment, which is a wonderful thing to be able to do.