Man Convicted of Planning To Rape 200 Women Says He ‘Enjoys The Hunt’

Frank Yeager faces up to 20 years in prison from his plans to rape 200 women.

A man who was caught plotting to rape real estate agents wrote in his diary that he “enjoys the hunt”, according to reports.

Frank Yeager, from Pennsylvania, now faces up to 20 years in prison after he caught attempting to rape a woman that was showing him a property for sale.

Yeager had lured the woman to a secluded home where he had claimed there was a water leak.She managed to escape after she became suspicious of his “unusual” behavior.

She raised her concerns to a male colleague who later showed up, at which point Yeager fled the scene after waiting inside the building.

When the real estate agents went to check the property for the leak, they found a laid trap with all the lights out, curtains were drawn and no evidence of any issues.

Telegraph reports: The police were contacted and after investigating they found Yeager was obsessed with rape and had detailed drawings in his diary.

 Rope, chains, guns and duct tape were also all found in his vehicle, according to the Daily Mail. The 33-year-old allegedly planned to kill himself after committing the crime and said he was “beyond” help.

 “I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize,” one diary entry read, according to WKBN.  “If you are reading this I found a realtor woman and raped her.”

“I have been planning and have wanted this my whole life.”

Yeager had reportedly put together a list of more than 200 real estate agents that he planned on raping and was searching for someone who looked like Paris Hilton.

When questioned by police Yeager confessed to the plot and said it was due to a life of bullying and never having had his own wife and children.

He had appealed his 10-to-20-year sentence but the request was thrown out.