Magento Developer

What is Magento? Why are we working on this platform? Answers to these questions will help you understand that we can be trusted to develop your business!

A Few Words About Magento

Magento is the most powerful content management system (CMS) for e-commerce. In turn, e-commerce is everything related to online sales.

When the first websites were developed and things weren’t that automated, people did their job from scratch. Developers wrote sites from scratch for each client, set up databases manually, made their own configurations for various parts of the project. Over time, a lot of problems appeared, but solutions were not long in coming. The main problems of website programming are a lack of time and a lack of knowledge. As soon as solutions to problems arose, the term “content management system” appeared. Now this concept is very popular and easy to use.

There is a large number of CMS for e-commerce on the Internet, and they are constantly competing with each other. Magento is a well-coordinated and strong system that has a fairly solid construction and a large user community, which distinguishes it from the rest.

Why do we trust Magento?

As stated earlier, Magento is a very solid CMS and is used by many popular online stores and large e-commerce businesses. Magento can handle 350 million catalog views and 489,000 orders every day. This implies that this system is great for popular sites that are engaged in e-commerce or online store promotion. Therefore, our team consists of magento developer and specialists in marketing and SEO. With Mobecls, we offer a wide range of e-commerce updates to help online stores grow their business. For over 10 years, Mobecls has been providing customers with unique solutions tailored to their specific needs and business goals. And in doing our job, we only trust the Magento platform.

Development of Your Business With Mobecls

Our company leaders use their developers as a tool to grow your business. We turn your business projects into goals and then help translate them into reality. Our managers have deep knowledge and technical experience in Magento and e-commerce in general.

What do we offer:

· Development and support for Magento

· Migrations and updates for Magento

· API integrations

· SEO optimization of productivity

· Correction / development of new templates

In perspective for the development of your business, Mobecls intends to introduce new functions, create new types of products and change templates. Let’s keep pace with the times together!