Lost Dog Recognizes Family In TV Report And Rescues Herself

In Kansas City Missouri, a couple’s lost dog rescued herself after she recognized her family on a Fox 4 report.

The lost pup, a Bichon-Poodle named Tabitha, was walking with his owner, Alfred Schaefer. Alfred has Alzheimers, and they wandered off during their walk. When Alfred’s wife, Kelly, went looking for them, they were nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, Alfred was found during that day, however, Tabitha was still missing. The couple was devastated. Tabitha was like a child to them. They put up flyers around their neighborhood and they reached out to the local news for help.

Amazingly, a family in the area found Tabitha. Tabitha was with them when the news aired on TV. And when Tabitha saw her owners on TV, she perked up and got excited! She responded immediately to the sound of her owner’s voice calling her name. With the way Tabitha responded, they knew she was the missing dog before they even saw the photos. The family then called up Alfred and Kelly.
Tabitha was able to show the family who found her that the people on the TV were her owners. Now she is back home with Alfred and Kelly Schaefer.