Lost Child Social Experiment Takes A Terrifying Turn

What would you do if you saw a child on the street in need of help?

For most people, this wouldn’t even be a question. We all need a little help sometimes and while it’s difficult to reach out everyone you see, a child should be first and foremost on everyone’s list.

Unfortunately, as you can see from videos like this social experiment, not everyone is as kind or good-natured as you would expect. The little girl in that video waited around for hours asking for help before only one person stopped to offer her help. I thought this was as heartbreaking as it gets until I discovered the following video.

In a new social experiment video from DennisCeeTV, we see a little girl on the tough streets of New York City asking for help. Although every parent should warn their kids about “stranger danger,” it’s a little different when you’re scared and lost.  Now, we know this kid is only posing as a lost child for the camera, but the people who pass her by on the street have no reason to believe she isn’t telling the truth. That’s exactly why what happens next is so frightening. Even though a few people offer her help, something truly disturbing and shocking happens towards the end, so make sure you watch all the way, too.