Little Boy Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poison Leaking From The Fridge After Parents Thought He Had The Flu

A 10-year-old was tragically killed when a fridge at his family’s holiday cabin started leaking carbon monoxide .

Gavin Klebs’ parents thought their child had come down with the flu when he started vomiting, and believed he had passed it on to his sister, who was also complaining of a headache.

After giving the children medicine, Sarah Klebs sent them back to bed.

But unknown to the family, a fridge in the cabin had been leaking carbon monoxide – an odorless gas known as the ‘silent killer’.

Sarah says she has a gap in her memory over the events in the cabin, and also started vomiting, again putting her symptoms down to flu.

A family friend, worried after she got no response from texting his mother Sarah in the Alaskan cabin they were staying in, drove over and found the family unconscious in bed.

Sarah was found unresponsive in a double bed with her eight-year-old daughter Caroline and Gavin was found on the sofa in the main room of the family’s holiday home.

The fridge had been leaking deadly carbon monoxide, the odorless gas known as the ‘silent killer’.

Sarah and Gavin’s eight-year-old sister Caroline were unresponsive in a double bed.

Gavin was found on the sofa in the main room of the family’s holiday home.

Caroline and Sarah were taken to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center before being flown to Seattle for hyperbaric chamber oxygen treatment.

Sadly, Gavin could not be revived.

Older brother Connor and dad Matt were not staying at the property at the time.

Speaking to Alaska Dispatch News , heartbroken Sarah said she had no clue that their illness could have ever been caused by carbon monoxide.

She added: “How would you know?

“Prior to this, I never would have thought about it.”

After an investigation, it was revealed that a fridge, powered by a gas bottle, had broken and had started leaking carbon monoxide.

The family is now installing a carbon monoxide detector in the cabin in Big Lake, Alaska, and has warned others about the deadly gas.