Lightweight Bicycle Micro Camper: You Can Tow It With Your Bicycle


The downsizing options continue to rise as simplicity becomes the name of the game for more people. While this micro camper is not a full home in itself, it certainly sets itself apart from typical campers given its size, weight, and portability.

The Wide Path Camper is designed with the bicycle camper in mind. It features windows, a 97 x 200 cm bed, 300L of storage space, and a sitting area for 2 people. It even has an optional table on the outside for cooking and eating. All this is packed into a foldable unit that extends into its full size in only 3 minutes. The total weight of the unit is only 88 lbs! The designers say they have even more features in mind including sun-covers, solar cells, and more.

These micro campers are being brought into production very shortly and should be available sometime in the summer of 2015, for the price of about $2500. You can preorder one from the company directly.

Just imagine riding across the country from place to place on your bicycle: trailing behind you is a small, lightweight unit that allows you to comfortably sleep, eat, and watch the stars at night as you travel the beautiful landscape of the country. If you had an electric bike or a motorcycle, you could cruise along with this thing no problem!

Check out some pictures below!