Lesbians Become First Same Sex Prom King & Queen

These two teenage lesbians have become the first same-sex, school prom king and queen and it’s a huge landmark for the local LGBTQ community. 

It may not seem like it’s something which should make international news, as same-sex couples at a school prom should be a completely normal thing, just like any other couple.

Sadly though this isn’t always the case and many couples suffer at the hands of outdated views and prejudice, which is what makes this couple’s prom celebration all the more brilliant and on point.

Brie Grimes, 17 and her girlfriend Lindsey Creel, 18 made local history in Tallahassee, Florida, after being crowned prom king and queen at Leon High School.

The couple were understandably made up about the whole thing and explained to the Tallahassee Democrat how excited to win the much sought after prize they were.

Brie said:

 Prom night was so much fun – we literally danced the night away.
We didn’t expect to win considering the people we were up against.
We began to get really close and in such a short period of time she became my best friend and my number one person to go to.

The couple have just been celebrating their three years together after meeting at High School and told their local paper about how difficult it was to embark on their relationship at first.

She continued:

I knew I had feelings for her but everything was so hard because I didn’t know how everyone would react and I was scared of how I would be treated and how my family would react.
Lindsey and I talked about it and from that conversation I knew I was at home when I was with her and that I couldn’t let her go.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Lindsey said that for her it was love at first sight.She said that from the day she saw me she was going to do anything to be with me and to make me happy and she could see a future with me.

It seems the girls’ high school is one that is very accepting and Brie praised them for forming a gay-straight alliance club in 2001 and for their ongoing support for the LGBTQ community within the school.

She added:

LGBTQ community at our school is very accepting. I do believe it is easier for females than it is males; at our school and just in society in general.
I always felt accepted at our high school.
My family was not accepting nor supporting at first, but after about a year they came around.

This is such a fantastic move for the local LGBTQ community of Tallahasee.

A huge congratulations to the pair.