Lesbian Privilege: Ellen Shares Tweet Only She Can Get Away With In Wake of Weinstein Scandal

In the wake of the monstrous Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal blowing up Hollywood, happy-go-lucky daytime host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted an image and a caption only she could get away with.

“Happy birthday, @KatyPerry,” Ellen wished to pop singer and fellow Trump-hater Katy Perry. “It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” she added, clearly referring to Perry’s breasts.

The photo accompanying the caption is one of Ellen staring straight at Ms. Perry’s rack:

The loud feminists eager to blast straight men for their apparent innate toxicity were oddly silent. The #MeToo brigade willing to even blast 90-year-old ex-presidents? Silencio.

This is what you might call “lesbian privilege.”

As pointed out by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, how exactly would the Left react if this tweet and photo were put out by a straight man, particularly with the current heavy focus on sexual harassment?

Yeah, it’s not exactly rocket science here. They would lose their minds. (And their heads would completely explode if that person were conservative.)

My goodness, actor Ryan Gosling was accused of sexism for thanking his wife Eva Mendes at the Golden Globes. Sports reporter Clay Travis was blasted as sexist for uttering the word “boobs,” an apparent tagline of his, in the presence of female CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin. Actress Ashley Judd accused a poor airport worker of “everyday sexism” for calling her sweetheart.

But what Ellen did? No problem.

Now, do I care at all about whose knockers Ellen is looking at? No. Do you? Probably not. But, alas, let us all bask in the radiant heat of Hollywood’s stunning doubled standard, yet again.