Leftists Meltdown, Blame “White Supremacy” For PATRIOTS’ SUPER BOWL Win

The Patriots’ amazing comeback victory in last night’s Super Bowl spawned another leftist meltdown in which the result was somehow blamed on “white supremacy”.

Despite the fact that a black player, James White, scored the winning touchdown, Twitter was awash with race-obsessed liberals who thought the unprecedented comeback was some kind of conspiracy.

“If the Patriots win, this is white supremacy working. I’m sick,” wrote one.

“The Patriots represent white supremacy in America..shit be going so well for niggas, until whites pull some bs out they ass for a win. BLM,” wrote another. BLM stands for ‘Black Lives Matter’.

“This game is like the election, when you think there’s no way white supremacy can win, it sneaks up on you and shocks you,” tweeted another individual.

From well before the game started, leftists bizarrely set it up as a left vs right issue, with journalist Jeff Jarvis tweeting, “Tonight every liberal, right-minded, smart, decent, civilized, democratic soul on earth is from Atlanta. Lose, Pats, lose.”

The funniest series of tweets came from ‘Black Lives Matter’ leader Sean King, who when the Falcons were ahead 21-3 at half time tweeted, “Note to America. This is what happens when Trump picks your team to win. 21-3. Halftime. #RiseUp.”

After the Patriots stormed back to claim a 34-28 victory, King deleted the original tweet and then tweeted, “The biggest collapse in Super Bowl history. That hurts. Sorry Atlanta. We’ll be back next year.”

Since the left seemed very eager to racialize and politicize a game of football, Trump supporters were only too happy to oblige, tweeting a series of memes under the hashtag #NotMySuperBowlChamps.

The whole farce was yet another example of how the left injects race and divisive politics into absolutely everything, only to come out on the losing side time and time again.



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