Last Year She Planted A Seed, Just 9 Months Later It’s Setting Records As Tallest In Country

Although one grandmother Barbara Thatcher never meant to do it, she now grew the tallest garden flower in Britain. And it all happened because she purchased seeds from the endangered echium pinanana plant. However, this granny didn’t buy them in at her local flower shop, she logged onto the internet and bought them from a foreign seller. Although she didn’t know squat about the flower until its seeds was planted in her garden, now she loves the flower and all the notoriety it has brought her. Check out this amazing story of success from one British senior…

Barbara simply bought the exotic seeds online and planted them in her British garden. Now she has one of the most famous gardens in the country.

“You can get seed online, and I’ve been growing them ever since,” Barbara told SWNS. “That one is echium pininana, and they do grow quite tall in the right conditions.”

The echium pinanana is popularly known as the “Tower of Jewels” flower. And as you can guess by its name, this flower is stunningly beautiful. The flower is also known for its height – but no one has ever done it like Grandma Barbara. Her echium has reached 16 feet tall because of her expert gardening skills.

Now her garden flower is taller than a giraffe. And although it is not an official Guinness World Record, Barbara’s “Tower of Jewels” plan is thought to be the tallest in the entire country.

“I think it’s growing that tall because it’s quite sheltered just in that corner because we are quite near the sea,” she said. “But there’s an arm of coast that comes out and just protects this corner. I think it just likes it where it is.”

Barbara doesn’t know why her flowers grow taller than everyone else’s. We like to think that she has the magic touch. But Barbara is a lot more practical than that. She thinks her garden simply has a great location. Because it is in the corner, the wind cannot knock it over and this has allowed it to grow tall. Wind often knocks these plants over and causes them to grow horizontally rather than vertically.

Barbara loves looking at the towering plant in her Bristol, England garden. She spends a lot of her time out there enjoying the “Tower of Jewels” and her other plants. After she bought the seeds on the internet, Barbara started to grow it in a tray. When it sprouted and grew a bit, she transferred it to her garden. She must have done it at the exact right time because it quickly grew like bamboo.

Barbara’s massive plant is an attraction within her quaint town. People can easily see it over her fence.

Do you think Barbara is a better gardener than the average green thumb? Does she have a special skill to make this plant grow so tall or is she simply luckier than most?


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