Las Vegas Shooting: Video Shows ‘Security Guard’ Gunman Shoot Into Crowd

As the list of unanswered questions regarding the Las Vegas shooting grows by the day, new footage has emerged from the massacre which shows another gunman on the ground firing a machine gun into the crowd.

The shocking video shows a man dressed as a security guard crouch down and open fire, with what looks like an automatic pistol or machine gun, straight into the horde of panicking people, already running for their lives.

The clip was filmed by someone in the crowd shortly after the initial shots were fired.Around 5 seconds into the clip (in the bottom left corner), the gunman, who’s wearing a security jacket, can be seen running into position before spraying bullets into the crowd with an automatic weapon.


This damning new piece of evidence is the latest in a long line that proves the “lone wolf” gunman theory the mainstream media is pushing is actually false.

Multiple witnesses have come forward to reveal that a team of gunmen was firing weapons at people but this information is being suppressed and covered-up.

Aside from the videos and images that show gunfire was coming from two different hotel rooms on the 32nd floor, but a mountain of evidence has also emerged that proves gunfire was also coming from the fourth floor.

A number of videos have been uploaded to social media that show gunfire coming from a 4th-floor window, yet these videos are being deleted by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as quickly as they’re being uploaded.

A team of investigators including researchers and weapons experts has also confirmed, aside from the mass of evidence that proves multiple gunmen were operating, that it would be technically impossible to shoot so many people with a single weapon in the time frame it was stated that the shootings took place.

A number of eyewitnesses have also come forward to reveal that gunmen dressed as security guards were shooting people on the ground, but these accounts are being completely ignored by the MSM.

One witness even reported that she was in the bar of the Luxor Hotel when law enforcement chased a gunman, who was wearing a security uniform, through the hotel lobby.

If this gunman in pursuit was was a “person of interest” why are the police keeping this information hidden from the public and why is the “real news” not reporting it?

Shortly after news of the massacre broke, CNN interviewed an eyewitness live on TV, who stated that gunmen “just kept coming and shooting everybody up”.

As soon as she started to give an account that conflicted with the “official” narrative, she was immediately cut off by the interviewer.


She clearly states that “multiple gunmen” were firing weapons into the crowd, not only in the venue area but also in the parking lot, as people were trying to escape.

“As everyone started to get up and run, they just kept shooting.”

It was literally just like 5 minutes of shooting.

“People just kept dropping”

There was definitely someone on the ground. Definitely.

Most Definitely.”They heard the crowd, and all of us, and they kept coming.

“They even came into the back parking lot and shot people up out there too.

“They just kept coming…” At this point, the reporter cut off the witness.

The question is, why is the mainstream media so desperate to convince the public that a lone gunman acted alone in this horrific attack?

Why are the reports of additional gunmen not being investigated, and if they are, why are these investigations being hidden?

As events unfold on TV screens across the world, there seems to be a major case of the masses being herded into place as the media attempts to push their agenda onto the people.

We the people have the right to know what that agenda is, and a responsibility to prevent the false narrative from continuing to be peddled.