Las Vegas Shooting Security Guard Emerges From Clinic That Treated Kanye West

Jesus Campos reemerges from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after ‘vanishing’ for days.

The security guard from the Mandalay Bay hotel, who was hailed a “hero” by the mainstream media, Jesus Campos, mysteriously disappeared on Thursday only to reemerge today after visiting a “quick clinic”.

According to a rep from Campos’s union, he had been checked into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for “psychological assistance” after suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

Campos was originally credited with foiling the Las Vegas massacre by interrupting suspected shooter Stephen Paddock’s shooting spree and saving countless lives.

Shortly before Campos “vanished” on Thursday Las Vegas Sherrif Lombard suddenly altered the timeline to completely change the narrative meaning the “hero” security guard was actually shot 6 minutes before the shooting started and no longer played a role in stopping the attack.

Campos’ sudden disappearance raised a lot of suspicions after didn’t turn up for several TV interviews, with no answers from his family or security as to where he had gone.

The flames of suspicion were fanned even further when it was reported that MGM Resorts International – the company that owns the Mandalay Bay hotel where Campos worked – completely scrubbed his information from their employee database without explanation.

Now, after days of being missing without a trace, Jesus Campos has reappeared from the same clinic that Kanye West was checked into when he had his “breakdown”.

West was checked into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center shortly after making several public outbursts about the Illuminati and for announcing his support for Donald Trump.

After receiving treatment at the clinic, the music star claimed to be suffering from severe memory loss.

On Thursday, Campos was due to appear at a press conference after being given an award for his bravery but he disappeared.

His union representative revealed on Saturday that Campos was taken to the clinic shortly afterward and he didn’t know what his condition was but said: “it’s highly unusual.”

“I’m hoping everything is OK with him and I’m sure MGM or the union will let (media) know when we hear something,” David Hickey is the president of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America, told Fox 5 Vegas.

Daily Mail reports: According to the latest timeline provided by police detailing the events of October 1, Paddock sprayed 200 rounds into the hallway on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay, wounding Campos in the leg, six minutes before he unleashed his barrage of bullets on the crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Campos, who was unarmed, survived the shooting and was scheduled to sit down for five TV interviews Thursday night, including one on Fox News, but suddenly vanished.

ABC News reporter Stephanie Wash tweeted Thursday, quoting the president of Campos’ labor union: “We were in a room & we came out & he was gone.”

She followed up by writing that Campos’ whereabouts were unknown.

The security guard was supposed to be interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, but the host tweeted on Thursday: “He canceled.”

Campos’ disappearance came just hours after MGM Resorts International, which owns the Mandalay Bay, disputed the official timeline of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, rejecting any suggestion that hotel staff delayed calling 911 for six minutes after Paddock opened fire.

The latest chronology raised a series of questions about whether officers were given information quickly enough to possibly have a chance to take out the gunman before he could carry out the bloodshed.

But according to resort officials, it was no more than 40 seconds between the time Campos used his walkie-talkie to call for help and Paddock opening fire on the crowd from two windows in his suite.

Earlier in the investigation, police had said that Paddock shot through his door and wounded Campos after the guard distracted him from firing on the crowd out the windows.

Campos’ union president said the latest timeline does not dispute the assertion that the guard is ‘still a hero, saving his coworker, possibly stopping additional shots,’ reported Stephanie Wash.

Campos isn’t the first witness to mysteriously vanish, as earlier this week, a Mandalay Bay hotel valet worker also disappeared.

Chad Nishimura gave a statement to Hawaiian ABC affiliate, KITV4 News saying that he parked the suspected gunman, Stephen Paddock’s, car and said that he was a “normal guy” who “didn’t have many bags”.

The most disturbing part though is that Hawaii native Nishimura has completely vanished since the report was published, with all of his social media accounts being scrubbed from the internet.

Friends and colleagues say he has been “totally unreachable for days” since shortly after the horrific massacre that left 59 dead and hundreds more injured.

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